Sara Gothard


I am a self-taught artist working primarily in watercolor and acrylic.

I think of my paintings as storybook illustrations, even when nobody has written the story yet. My inspiration is found in the histories, traditions and mythologies of many cultures, though my visual vocabulary draws most heavily from medieval manuscript illumination, Mexican folk art and Indian Rajput painting. I am also strongly influenced by observation of the natural world, particularly where it intersects with the human-created one: city parks, a tree-lined street, cemeteries, grass sprouting through a sidewalk crack.

I am very interested in placing modern events, people and concerns into historical contexts, blending fact with fiction, and in generally disregarding the lines drawn between subject matter that render a painting “historical,” “contemporary” or “mythological”. For me these categories share more than they differ, regardless of their claims to “truth”.


New Orleans, LA