In October 2018, I took a MOOC on the Book of Kells offered by Trinity College Dublin. At the end of that interesting and creatively inspirational online course, there was a link to The Book of Kells Creative Competition, run yearly, this year with the theme: animals from the Book of Kells. This is my submission. This was my first attempt at Celtic knotwork, very mathematically challenging but very absorbing to work on. I hope to do more.

Progress on my fanciful watercolor of the neighborhood I live in, one of New Orleans' not-so-secret secrets: Mid City. As garden-y as the Garden District, with two streetcar lines running through it, City Park, NOMA, several of the city’s most interesting cemeteries, Mid City is a beautiful, quiet and less touristy neighborhood. I adore walking around it on a hot summer Sunday and exploring its nooks and crannies.

Some progress pictures for a current piece I’m working on inspired by the Mesopotamian myth of the Goddess Inanna’s trip to the underworld.

The remaining frontispieces from Tales from the Stone Lotus, out on October 15 on Amazon.

My latest project is something I have always wanted to do – illustrate a book. I’ve been working on a series of black and white frontispieces to a set of short stories, Tales from the Stone Lotus by Subodhana Wijeyeratne, coming out in ebook on October 15, available at Amazon. I’ll upload more as I scan them.

All three triptych panels in various stages of (un)doneness.

Murasaki Shikibu from the triptych’s left panel with her scroll half calligraphied with an excerpt from Tale of Genji. I understand this is an old script, thank god. I was careful, but am certain I still did a hack job given my inexperience with Asian calligraphy of any kind. Luckily this detail will be hard to pick out from a distance, and it still “reads” as a calligraphic script.

Right panel of the JPBL-commissioned triptych, picturing Hildegard von Bingen, with and without the tile floor completed.

A few pics of the center panel in progress of the painting commissioned by the Friends of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library.

Watercolor sketch of a figure from JPBL proposal. I received word a couple of days ago that my proposal was selected for the children’s reading room. I sign the contract soon and will begin the work!

Watercolor sketch of the floor and walls for my JPBL proposal.

More details of the JPBL proposal.

Detail of my JPBL proposal.

The Jamaica Plain branch of the Boston Public Library is currently under renovation, and they issued a call for proposals for 3 pieces of art to hang in the new space when it opens. I was named a finalist and sketched up my idea roughly, also doing a couple of watercolor sketches. You can find more detail about the process on my blog:

The progress of Tiglath-Pileser.

Apparently colored pencil has been my thing lately. This is a submission for a fundraiser for Art for Animal’s Sake to raise awareness about rats and other small animals that are still so frequently used in testing.

Santa Muerte, inspired by a trip back home to the borderlands (a/k/a El Paso/Las Cruces area) in January 2016

My work, “Der Sandmann," and many other works based on books will be exhibited in the "Pages” show at Uforge Gallery (767 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA) during the month of January. Opening reception is Friday, 8 January 2016 at 6:00p. [Full disclosure: I forgot an “n” in Hoffmann’s name but didn’t realize it until the show was already hung! Shameful, but easily rectified once I get my mitts back on this painting.]